General Info

Athens Yoshukai was founded to teach martial arts in May 2006. Athens Yoshukai is an official dojo of the World Yoshukai Karate Kobudo Organization as directed by Master Yamamoto.KarateSerrianGeneralInfo

Some FACTS about the dojo.

Mission Statement:

We guide people along their path of self-improvement through martial arts.


  • We value excellence in knowledge (terminology, history, tradition) and execution of technique.
  • We value quality instruction, learning through teaching, and constant improvement in our pedagogical skills.
  • We value dedication to the dojo and participation in the community of the dojo and World Yoshukai Karate
  • We believe martial arts is a way of life and shouldn’t be a significant financial burden to those who wish to learn.


  • Athens Yoshukai aspires to train the next generation of WYKKO instructors.
  • Athens Yoshukai aspires to provide a substantial support structure to the WYKKO in the form of support for events, instruction at events, physical aid during events, communication within the organization, and any other steps deemed appropriate by the Directors of the organization.
  • Athens Yoshukai aspires to coordinate, in partnership, the local Athens martial arts community to create a more positive, supportive, and welcoming community.

Dojo Rules:

  • Bow when entering and leaving the dojo.
  • Bow towards the door whenever a brown or black belt enters the dojo for the first time that day.
  • Please remove all jewelry before practice.
  • Fold your hands behind your back or let them hang by your side instead of crossing them or putting them on your hips.
  • Respect all black belts and colored belts by addressing them by their last name.
  • Address black belts as “Sensei” and their last name.
  • Please dispose of any gum before class.
  • Please use proper language in the school.