Instructor Profiles

Hali Serrian

Sensei Serrian began training in Yoshukai karate in January of 2013 and received her first degree black belt in April of 2016. In April of 2018 she received her 2nd degree black belt.  She served as instructor apprentice under Sensei Hofmeister and became Head Instructor of Athens Yoshukai Karate in November of 2016. 

Sensei Serrian cross trains in Kyuki-do. She received her first degree black belt in that style in April 2017 and her second degree in November 2018. She also studies Hapkido and is currently a purple belt. 

When not teaching Yoshukai, Sensei Serrian is a graduate student at the University of Georgia and works as the children’s instructor at AKF Athens Martial Arts.

In day to day life, Hali strives to continue growing as a person and a martial artist.


Ken Blumreich

Sensei Blumreich serves as Athens Yoshukai’s ranking student. He received his first-degree black belt in Kyuki-Do in 1993, studying under Master Lloyd Holden in Janesville, WI.  He served as an assistant instructor for Master Holden for several years, eventually moving to Athens to open his own studio in 2000.  He received the rank of second-degree black belt in Kyuki-Do in 1997, promoted to third-degree in Kyuki-Do in 2002, fourth-degree in Kyuki-Do in 2007, fifth-degree (Master) in Kyuki-Do in 2012, and sixth degree in Kyuki-Do in 2018.  He currently operates a full time school (AKF Athens Martial Arts) in Athens, GA.  He earned his Shodan in Yoshukai in June of 2008 and his Nidan in June of 2015. 

While his primary art is Kyuki-Do, he also trains extensively in judo (studying under Master Lloyd Holden, Grand Master Ok Hyung Kim and Sensei Lunsford), as well as in Yoshukai Karate.  It is Sensei Blumreich’s firm belief that the primary responsibility of any instructor is to develop the spirit, the character, and the moral fiber of students in addition to cultivating their physical abilities.

You can read more about Ken at his website:


Timothy Pierce-Tomlin

Mr. Pierce-Tomlin began training Yoshukai in August 2013 and currently serves as an assistant instructor for Athens Yoshukai Karate. Mr. Pierce-Tomlin is a brown belt in Yoshukai and will test for his 1st degree black belt in February of 2020. Mr. Pierce-Tomlin also started the Athens Yoshukai Karate satellite program at the UGA Vet School.

Mr. Pierce-Tomlin cross trains with Shotokan practitioners, but does not hold rank in that style. His primary focus in the martial arts is on physical fitness and sparring strategy.

When he is not practicing martial arts, Timothy teaches psychology at the University of North Georgia.