Instructor Profiles

Hali Serrian

Sensei Serrian began training in Yoshukai karate in January of 2013 and received her first degree black belt in April of 2016. In April of 2018 she received her 2nd degree black belt.  She served as instructor apprentice under Sensei Hofmeister and became Head Instructor of Athens Yoshukai Karate in November of 2016. 

Sensei Serrian cross trains in Kyuki-do. She received her first degree black belt in that style in April 2017 and her second degree in November 2018. She also studies Hapkido and is currently a purple belt. 

When not teaching Yoshukai, Sensei Serrian is a graduate student at the University of Georgia and works as the children’s instructor at AKF Athens Martial Arts.

In day to day life, Hali strives to continue growing as a person and a martial artist.


Ken Blumreich

Sensei Blumreich serves as Athens Yoshukai’s ranking student. He received his first-degree black belt in Kyuki-Do in 1993, studying under Master Lloyd Holden in Janesville, WI.  He served as an assistant instructor for Master Holden for several years, eventually moving to Athens to open his own studio in 2000.  He received the rank of second-degree black belt in Kyuki-Do in 1997, promoted to third-degree in Kyuki-Do in 2002, fourth-degree in Kyuki-Do in 2007, fifth-degree (Master) in Kyuki-Do in 2012, and sixth degree in Kyuki-Do in 2018.  He currently operates a full time school (AKF Athens Martial Arts) in Athens, GA.  He earned his Shodan in Yoshukai in June of 2008 and his Nidan in June of 2015. 

While his primary art is Kyuki-Do, he also trains extensively in judo (studying under Master Lloyd Holden, Grand Master Ok Hyung Kim and Sensei Lunsford), as well as in Yoshukai Karate.  It is Sensei Blumreich’s firm belief that the primary responsibility of any instructor is to develop the spirit, the character, and the moral fiber of students in addition to cultivating their physical abilities.

You can read more about Ken at his website:


Timothy Pierce-Tomlin

Mr. Pierce-Tomlin began training Yoshukai in August 2013 and currently serves as an assistant instructor for Athens Yoshukai Karate. Mr. Pierce-Tomlin is a brown belt in Yoshukai and will test for his 1st degree black belt in February of 2020. Mr. Pierce-Tomlin also started the Athens Yoshukai Karate satellite program at the UGA Vet School.

Mr. Pierce-Tomlin cross trains with Shotokan practitioners, but does not hold rank in that style. His primary focus in the martial arts is on physical fitness and sparring strategy.

When he is not practicing martial arts, Timothy teaches psychology at the University of North Georgia.



The Athens Yoshukai dojo is located at 291 Brickleberry Ridge, on Athens’ east side.


To enter the dojo, walk up the driveway, then down the sidewalk that leads to the dojo door, which is in the basement of the house.  

DIRECTIONS (click here for Google Maps directions):

Long but reliable (from downtown Athens):

Go east on Lexington (towards the east side Walmart)
Turn RIGHT onto Whit Davis (immediately perpendicular to the Walmart)
Continue on down Whit Davis. Go straight through the only Stop sign.
Continue down Whit Davis.  Go straight through the only stoplight.
You will see the neighborhood Waverly Woods on your left.

The next neighborhood is Woods of Habersham on the left. Turn LEFT into it, which will put you on Brickleberry Ridge. 
(This is 0.8 miles after the stoplight)
Go down Brickleberry Ridge- 291 is on the left
If you reach the end of Whit Davis Road, you have gone too far. Turn around and turn in the second neighborhood from the end of Whit Davis on that side. The neighborhood will now be on the right.

Quick but tricky (from campus):

Go east on College Station, towards the east side Kroger
At the end of College Station, turn left onto Barnett Shoals
At the fourth stop light, turn right onto Cedar Shoals.
Go to the end of Cedar Shoals.  Turn right onto Whit Davis.
Continue down Whit Davis.  Go straight through the only stoplight.
You will see the neighborhood Waverly Woods on your left.
The next neighborhood is Woods of Habersham. Turn LEFT into this neighborhood onto Brickleberry Ridge. 
(This is 0.8 miles after the stoplight)
Go down Brickleberry Ridge- the house is on the left
If you reach the end of Whit Davis, you have gone too far- turn around and go in the second neighborhood from the end of Whit Davis.

Full Schedule

We offer classes to teens and adults, free of charge:
Sunday Yoshukai 2:00-3:30pm
Monday Yoshukai at the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital 8:00-9:00pm
Wednesday Judo/Hapkido/Warm-Up 7:00-8:00pm
Wednesday Yoshukai 8:00-9:00pm

General Info

Athens Yoshukai was founded to teach martial arts in May 2006 by Shihan Erik Hofmeister. Sensei Hali Serrian took over dojo instruction in November 2017. Athens Yoshukai is an official dojo of the World Yoshukai Karate Kobudo Organization as directed by Master Yamamoto.KarateSerrianGeneralInfo

Mission Statement:

We guide people along their path of self-improvement through martial arts.


  • We value excellence in knowledge (terminology, history, tradition) and execution of technique.
  • We value quality instruction, learning through teaching, and constant improvement in our pedagogical skills.
  • We value dedication to the dojo and participation in the community of the dojo and World Yoshukai Karate.
  • We value personal fitness and working to continually improve one’s physical skills and abilities. 
  • We believe martial arts is a way of life and shouldn’t be a significant financial burden to those who wish to learn.


  • Athens Yoshukai aspires to train the next generation of WYKKO instructors.
  • Athens Yoshukai aspires to provide a substantial support structure to the WYKKO in the form of support for events, instruction at events, physical aid during events, communication within the organization, and any other steps deemed appropriate by the Directors of the organization.
  • Athens Yoshukai aspires to coordinate, in partnership, the local Athens martial arts community to create a more positive, supportive, and welcoming community.

Dojo Rules:

  • Bow when entering and leaving the dojo.
  • Please remove all jewelry before practice.
  • Fold your hands behind your back or let them hang by your side instead of crossing them or putting them on your hips.
  • Respect all black belts and colored belts by addressing them by their last name.
  • Address black belts as “Sensei” and their last name.
  • Please dispose of any gum before class.
  • Please use proper language in the school.